The Canadian War Memorials.

Our tour of the Canadian war memorials has come to an end.  We have seen so much, experienced feelings and emotions that are difficult to explain.  Shed a few tears, had a few laughs and said Thank You many times internally and externally as we walked among the tombstones of those young Canadians.  There were other sites that we did not visit, but we feel very content with what we have seen and are so pleased that you have allowed us to share our journey with you.  Thank you.

As in the past I wanted to make a slideshow to wrap up this part of our adventure and as I started to think about I was wondering what music I would use to accompany the pictures.  Well, I can tell you that the music came to me almost instantly and  it seemed very appropriate.  I hope you enjoy it….

8 thoughts on “The Canadian War Memorials.

  1. corinnne pachkowsky

    That my dear Brother and sis was just beautiful excactly the way our Canaduan Anthem should be sung..always…..Godbless you guys.xoxo


  2. Shawn Clark

    That was truly inspiring so proud that we are Canadians sent a chill down my spine like I have said before I’m not a religious Man but God Bless Colleen and You my Friends


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