The King and I and The Last Supper

Well, obviously, not THE last supper but rather the last supper of our most excellent adventure. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we met a young man who was playing in The King and I here in Dublin. He reserved tickets for us at the box office and we went down to see it this afternoon. Our seats were great and the musical was fantastic!! We enjoyed it immensely.

Because the show is about the King of Siam (now Thailand), we thought that it would be fitting to have our last supper at a Thai restaurant. As we chatted over our last meal, we shook our head in disbelief that we are now done our “trip of a lifetime”. When we got back to the BNB, I had an email from my cousin Glenys in England. She  mentioned that she and Ron have been catching up on the blog and are amazed at all the places that we have visited. She closed her email by saying “You never know, there may be ‘Excellent Adventure 2’ “.   She may just be on to something there…..

Our last official photo of Richard & Colleen’s Excellent Adventure.


Thank you Col for not thinking I was completely crazy when two or three years ago I said, “Hey, why don’t we quit our jobs, sell the house and travel the world.”  You have been the best travel companion I could have hoped for.  Thank you for putting up with me and being my rock.

We did it……..

4 thoughts on “The King and I and The Last Supper

  1. Jack Bonekamp

    Time flies, I’m happy your adventure was so great and it was great seeing you guys for a brief period of time in Paris. Safe travels home, looking forward to seeing you guys in Canada. Cheers..
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  2. Louise Welwood

    What a great way to end dinner and show! Awesome picture. Yes not very many go such an adventure. It went by so fast. So glad you shared it with us. Definitely gave me the travel bug. I think there is only one cure for that bug! lol Hope to see you sometime.


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