The Easter Rising and Celtic Nights

Being the history buffs that we are, we have thoroughly enjoyed travelling through Great Britain and reliving much of the history that we learned in school and or in adulthood, either from movies or books. Where we seemed to be lacking knowledge was in the history of Ireland. We decided it was time to set this right and made a date at the GPO – the General Post Office and the headquarters for the Easter Rising and Rebellion in 1916. In a nutshell, tired of British oppression and the inequality of the classes,  the rebellion was launched by Irish republicans to end British rule in Ireland and establish an independent Irish Republic while the United Kingdom was heavily engaged in the First World War. Though they appeared successful for the first day or two, by the end of Easter week, the rebellion had been suppressed and the leaders were captured and consequently executed. Over the next several years, British and Irish and then Irish and Irish were at odds resulting in the division between Northern Ireland (Loyalists) and Ireland (Republicans). Over the years, as we know, there has been infighting and squabbles between the two countries. Though peace has been tentatively achieved at this point, one Irish fellow from Dublin that we talked to a few months back in France was concerned that Brexit and the establishment of a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland may again cause some conflict between the two nations. Let’s hope that he is not correct and that this beautiful island can continue to live in peace.

After the museum, we stopped for a drink at the local pub while waiting for the doors to open at the Arlington Hotel for our evening of dinner and celtic music and dance. We were not disappointed and the videos that Richard is sharing will tell more of a story than I ever could. Enjoy!! We certainly did!!

The Celtic Experience.  A great meal and traditional Irish music and dance.  Personally, I love this music and dance and it was a real thrill for me to take part in it.  Loved it.

4 thoughts on “The Easter Rising and Celtic Nights

  1. Coleen

    We enjoyed the Celtic pavilion last year at folklarama. They put on a huge show. It was very impressive. Professional dancers and local talent too as Charlene Green’s daughter played the fiddle. Worth attending!


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