13 thoughts on “Cheers

  1. Gloria Borody

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing me to follow your exciting travels.
    You,ve done what most ppl just dream of!! I very much loved your blogs.
    The narrative & photography was amazing. I’d be interested to hear from you again in approx 6-8 wks once you are home as to how you have adjusted to staying in one place!!! You and your blog will really be missed by me😩😢
    Cheers to you too. Xoxo. Thanks again.


  2. Kim

    Cheers!!! I’m so gonna miss your blogs! You need to write a book of all your experiences over the last 11 months… def be a best seller!


  3. Pat Wojcik

    I am one of your faithful followers and I have enjoyed ever posting! Colleen, your writing and explanations of each stop have been so entertaining and informative! Richard, your pics and videos have been quit spectacular! Thank you for keeping me entertained for the last 11 months. Hmmm…my only thought now is….what am I going to read with my morning coffee!! Safe journey home!


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