From Bordeaux to Paris

After 7 glorious days of R&R in Bordeaux, we hopped a train this morning to Paris. Over the 7 days we finished planning the rest of our trip. Rooms are all booked. Rental car booked. Ferry ride from Scotland to Ireland is booked. Flight to Canada is booked. Now we just need to execute the plan.

Bordeaux is a very beautiful place. Of course it is known for its wine and I must admit that I did sample a bottle or two and they were quite good. The Garonne River runs through the city into the Atlantic and while we were there a couple of large cruise ships docked on the shores. Due to the poor soil in the area, there are very few buildings over three stories. We were the exception and our 5th floor balcony gave us a wonderful view of the docked ships, church steeples and unique rooftops. We walked the quay and the narrow streets. We sampled the street food and sat in the sun. We went to Easter Sunday mass and wished that we could understand the French priest as he seemed very entertaining. We updated our resumes and reached out to contacts on LinkedIn and brushed up our profiles on Indeed. But most of all we enjoyed this free time to read, write and recharge our batteries. The last few weeks of this journey are going to be awesome but they will be busy. We feel that we are now ready to enjoy every last minute of it!

The view from our balcony:


I actually didn’t know they had Canada Geese in France.  My goose call sure got them talking though.


Ahhhh…. Good ol wood cooked pork.


Around town.


Joan of Arc…


Oh the French….(in a French accent) Zay are crazy, I tell you!!