A Couple of Debbie Downers in Vienna

Well, we finally hit our wall. After travelling for nearly eight months the inevitable has happened – we got sick. To clarify, I am sick and Richard has an inflamed Achilles tendon which makes it painful to walk. I haven’t left the apartment for two days and Richard has limped to the store or nearby restaurant to keep us in food. Not that it matters to me – I am not sleeping, have no appetite and feel like a wet dishrag – without being nearly as useful. I guess there was a reason that we decided to stay here for eight days. It will give our bodies a chance to breakdown and build themselves up again – hopefully. We are still planning to see the Lipizzaners at the Spanish Riding School and attend one of the many concerts for which Vienna is famous. However, not today and probably not tomorrow.

And so, my dear friends and family, do not be alarmed if you don’t see any posts or pictures for the next couple of days. We are taking a much needed rest from our crazy schedule and binge watching The Blacklist. With four seasons on Netflix, we should be well entertained as we kick back and relax.

As usual, it is in times like this that we miss you all very much. Really looking forward to landing in Canada on May 31!! See you all in June!!