Out and About in Vienna

It was a beautiful sunny day so we hopped a tram down to the old city just to do a walkabout to see what we wanted to do over the next few days. We stopped at the Spanish Riding School to find out how to obtain tickets to watch the morning workout and then tour the stables. We wandered over to Stephenplatz to take a look at the grand church of St. Stephen and see if we needed to book a tour to see the inside. The outside is amazing and we were able to pop in to take a cursory look but will need to book a tour to get closer to the altar. We walked down to The Danube and walked along the river for a while checking to see if we would be able to get a boat tour. Though we did see one boat on the river, it appears that there is not much running here until April. We stopped in at a few concert halls and opera houses. Most of these put on a daily show of Mozart and Strauss music. We would like to attend one or two of these so we continue to research to see which venue/concert will be the best one to attend. We strolled by museums, churches, palaces, libraries and government buildings. There is no end to the amazing buildings that we can tour – it is just a matter of what to choose.

Vienna is an amazing city. Can’t wait to get inside some of those palaces!!

Pipe Organ from Saint Michael’s Church


Organ on display at St. Stephen’s Church