Auf Wiedersehen Bavaria, Guten Tag Austria!

After a bit of confusion at the train station this morning, we are now finally on our train to Salzburg. All the trains that we have used in Munich and surrounding area have had announcements in German and English. Today at the station, only German. We knew there was a problem with our train before we left the apartment and it appeared that the train that we planned to take had been cancelled. We were given an alternative that would work almost as well. While sitting on the platform waiting for this train, the announcements began. I recognized names of places (on our new route) but had no idea what was happening. There were a few others sitting at this platform as well but I suspect that they didn’t understand German either. So we waited. Our train’s arrival and departure time came and went with no train. Hmmm. Well, I guess we should go for a walk and see if we can find anything out. Off we went and lo and behold as we turn the corner, there sits our original train. You know, the one that was presumably cancelled. Though about 20 minutes late, apparently it is still in service. So much for the up to date German train app! So, after all that, here we are on our original train going to Salzburg. Yay!

As you may have gathered from previous posts, we love Munich and Bavaria. The city is clean and well organized (once we got the hang of it! ) The scenery outside the city is beautiful with fields, hills, valleys and of course the gorgeous Alps. And the food and the beer isn’t all that bad either! As we were preparing to leave our BNB this morning, we finally met the young couple that was renting the other bedroom (over the three days we hadn’t bumped into each other). They are from the western part of Bavaria and agree that they DO have the best beer and food. The fellow knows Winnipeg as he somewhat follows the NHL so he and Richard had a great chat about local and international hockey. It was a brief meeting but confirmed yet again that people are just people, no matter where they are from!

We’ll spend six days in Salzburg and eight in Vienna so I should get my Austria fix. We have booked a Sound of Music tour in Salzburg so that will be the highlight of that city for me. Can’t wait!