Au Revoir France, Ciao Italy!!

We spent our last day in Nice just bumming around, walking through La Vieille Ville and sitting down at the waterfront along the Mediterranean.  The weather was fairly warm – about 13C – with just a little breeze coming off the water. The sky was clear, the water was very blue and we breathed in the fresh, sea air. We felt relaxed and content. We enjoyed our short time in Nice and now understand how the Riviera is the favorite vacation spot in Europe. I cannot imagine how busy this area becomes in the summer!!

Today we are on the train to Florence, Italy. We will be spending 10 days in the city, making side trips to Pisa and other surrounding areas.  Florence is in the center of the Tuscan region so we are hoping to see as much of it as we can.  Or we may relax more than run around, time will tell.  The train itself is very relaxing and the entire boarding process is so much easier than the plane. We have lots of legroom, we have all our bags with us without any extra fees, there was no crazy security (though a sniff dog just came through the car), and the scenery is absolutely beautiful. We are looking forward to this ride and many more during our time in Europe.

See you in Florence!!

As you can see from what Col said above there is a lot of room on the train.  It is so much more comfortable then flying.


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