In Old Napoli…. That’s Amore..

We left our Airbnb in Rome around 10:30 AM and headed for the train station, jumped on the iron horse that was pointed towards Napoli.  That’s Naples for those of you who are not Italian.  Our Airbnb here is again right in the heart of the old city which means we are walking distance to all the real cool sites, sounds and smells.  After settling in we wandered out for a walk and being that Napoli is the birthplace of Pizza we had planned to stop at Pizza Di Matteo which was recommended by our host.  Of course after supper we stopped at a little side cafe for ice cream and an espresso.  Napoli has a  real good vibe to it.  It is not Rome, but then again Rome is not Napoli.  It has more of a relaxed feel to it and the whole place where we are is like one giant outdoor food court, but of course with an Italian flavour.  Pastry shops, cafes, pizza and whatever else you can think of.  Tomorrow we head to Pompeii to see the sights there.  Ciao….

This is what greeted us as we came out of the subway..


Our Pizza in the town where it was invented.  It is different from what we have in Canada, but it was very good.  One thing that was different was that it was not cut into pieces when they brought it to us.  We were not sure what to do with it until we saw a couple of guys next to us tearing pieces off with their hands and rolling it up.  It was almost like eating a crepe…..


Dessert and our wonderful server…


I saw this little statue and I wanted to take a picture and post it.  The reason is that as we were walking down the street I noticed a lot of the couples were either kissing or cuddling.  Well, like the song says.   THAT’S AMORE……. 


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