Nazareth Village

It was a pretty low key today. We did some laundry, visited with Khaled, our host and then headed over to the Nazareth Village. Their claim to fame is to show life as it was in the first century. Our guide took us through the village showing us a wine press, an olive press, a carpentry shop, a weaving shop and finally a reconstructed synagogue which also served as a community centre and a court of law. The tour was very informative but we feel that it would probably be more relevant during harvest season when they are actually pressing grapes and olives, shearing the sheep and harvesting the grain and vegetables.


Roman swords.  I think these pictures have an edge to them.

An Authentic Wine Press.  Not remade, but unearthed.

Below is an Olive Crusher.  Not a press, but a crusher.  This made the olives into a paste which then went to the Olive Press.

The following two pictures are of an Olive Press.  Notice the three stones.  You would use one stone for the first press to get the Virgin Olive Oil which was the best.  The second stone would be incorporated for the second press and the third for the last press.  The third press oil had the least quality and was used in lamps for lighting.  The reservoir that captured the oil had water in it which made it easy to skim the oil from the top. 



The Carpenter’s Shop.


Hannah making wool.

A replica of a Synagogue that you may have found in Nazareth 2000 years ago.


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