A Traditional Arabic Restaurant

Lionel and Martina took us to a traditional Arabic restaurant for supper and it was quite the experience.  Great atmosphere, wonderful tasty food and of course our hosts were top shelf.  So far we have found the food here extremely good and safe to eat and of course getting a Beer can sometimes be a challenge, but that is not always a bad thing.  Did I mention the Hookah?  We had a hookah (Shisha in the local language) which we shared and even Col tried a little puff.  It is definitely not like having a cigar or cigarette.  I took a couple of big inhales and it was not harsh at all.  I may have to get one when we get back home.


Now for the food.  Lionel and Martina ordered appetizers for us which were tantalizing  to our taste buds to say the least.  As for the main course I had a Lamb Shawarma while Colleen went crazy again and had a Tex Mex Shawarma.  She is so daring.

Below is a picture of our appetizers which are as follows.  The small little brown patties are Falafel which are deep-fried patties of ground chickpeas, fava beans or both.  The small round dish with the spoon in the center is Moutable which is spicy eggplant dip.  To the right is a larger silver bowl which I am not sure of the name, but it was my favorite and is a mixture of yogurt, meats and other spices with pomegranates on top.  And of course you see the large Arabic bread used for dipping.   Yummy…….


4 thoughts on “A Traditional Arabic Restaurant

  1. Liz Hodgson

    Wow this brings back so many memories… we spent time in Abu Dhadi when our first grandchild was born there. Did all the same sorts of things you guys are doing. Its an amazing part of the world! Love the food and the camel rides 😉 Dont suggest you do it during ramadan though – adds extra layers of difficulty! Keep those posts and piccies coming.


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