Gandhi & a Food Walk

We boarded the train at 5:00 AM to make the trip from Jaipur to Delhi.  This will be our last full day in India and it started off great as we were greeted by a beautiful sunrise as we sped by the Indian country side reflecting on all we have seen of this amazing country.

The train was actually ahead of schedule which is quite rare for India which placed us at our hotel around 11:30 AM.  After a short wait we checked into our rooms, freshened up and headed out to the Gandhi memorial.  Within the memorial is the house where Gandhi spent the last 144 days of his life and it is also the place where he was assassinated.  We took our time going through the museum which detailed the life of this great man from his birth in India, his leaving for London where he studied to become a lawyer, his years in South Africa where he fought for human rights up until his return to his home country of India in 1915.  It was well worth the visit.

From there we drove through the government quarters and by the parliament building on our way to our walking food tour.  Colleen and I were a bit apprehensive about how the food would be in India and I have to say that we were pleasantly surprised.  Instead of losing weight I think we may have put on a few more pounds.  I will talk more about the food tour later, but in the mean time these are some of the foods we have sampled.

Chicken:  Chicken Masala, Chicken Curry, Chicken Wala.  Lamb curry and lamb Masala.  They serve a lot dishes with a cottage cheese base which is called Paneer.  This can come in variety of ways which includes vegetables, chick peas, spinach blended with a creamy tomato or brown gravy and of course mixed with the finest Indian spices.  Naan, we had Naan with almost all of our meals it is a flatbread that you use to soak up the wonderful sauces.  Of course there was always lamb available which I had quite a few times.  Other than that rice was a common meal along with some of the local dishes I tried at different stops along the way.  We avoided street food and drank only bottled water as per AJ’s instructions and it worked out well.  There were other little tid bits now and then, but I am not able to recall those at the moment.

The cuisine on our walking tour is as follows.

Chicken Sharma.


Paneer masala Monos


Chicken Honey Monos


Tandoori Chicken Monos


Afghani Chicken Monos.


Bhel Puri


Aloo Tikki.


Pav Bhakti.


Dahi Golgappa


Stick Kulfi (Kesar Pista Badam)


Gulab Jamun



Maharajah McChicken and Fillet O Fish. Well this one wasn’t actually on the tour, but it was pretty good.

You can Google these items if you so wish to find out more about them. Over all it was a very good culinary experience.

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