Farewell to India

Our eleven day adventure has come to an end. As we pack our bags for the last time in India, we marvel at the sights and sounds that we have experienced. We feel that we have seen an India that many tourists do not see. We rode in tuk tuks, buses, trains, boats and cars. We saw cows, pigs, dogs, camels and goats wandering the city streets. We saw poor people and rich people. We saw palaces, forts, markets, celebrations, and funerals. We took a boat down the holy Ganges and witnessed every day life. We took two overnight trains. We stuffed ourselves with food and drink. We made new friends. It is overwhelming to think that we crammed all of this into only eleven days. Though this country may be poor in many things, it is very rich in culture and beauty. We are not sure whether we will ever return but it has definitely been an experience that is worth having. I challenge you all to add it to your bucket list.

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