The Palace Oasis – Tordi Garh

We arrived at Tordi Garh early afternoon. A light lunch was served up for us of sandwiches, french fries, naan bread and some delicious Indian nuggets (sorry, do not know what they were). We spent a quiet afternoon recuperating from our journey and enjoying the quiet and the castle. After the noise, traffic and smog in Delhi and Varanasi, this was a little slice of heaven. The group met on the outside terrace for drinks around seven and we had a wonderful evening bonding, sharing stories, food and drink. The ladies (and Felix) decided to do henna tattoos and two girls from the village came with their designs. The girls were so very talented and as you can see from the pictures, the tattoos were beautiful.

Early the next morning, Richard and I and Miriama and Felix followed a guide up the hill behind the castle to the ruins of the former fortress in order to watch the sunrise. The climb was not an easy one and at times I wondered if I was going to make it to the top. However, we were successful and after about an hour of climbing we reached the ruins. We waited for the sun to rise and it was beautiful. It was so peaceful. God is great!

We explored the ruins for a few minutes. The fortress was originally built on the mountain in the 16th century. From this vantage point you can see for miles so they could always see the enemy coming. However, life was hard on the mountain as all supplies had to be brought up the mountain, including water and food. The fortress was eventually rebuilt on the plains below and the descendants of the brave men that fought for this land are spread throughout a number of villages throughout the region.

Once back from our hike, we packed our bags and then AJ took us for a walk around the village. We stopped in at a local pottery shop and watched the master potter spin a few pots, cups, piggybanks and bowls on a pottery wheel run without any electricity. We were shown the kiln and the final product. These products are sold to markets in Jaipur and other towns in the region. Of course, there are always children in the village to warm your heart and many groups on the way to school stopped to say hello and have their pictures taken.

All too soon it was time to say goodbye to this place. With renewed souls and energy, we stepped onto the bus to take us to our next adventure – Jaipur – the Pink City.  

The Palace that was converted to a hotel:



The Henna:


The Sunrise Hike:


The Village Walk:



The man you see in the Village when you need some ironing done.  The iron is heated by hot coals.


This next picture was of interest.  When someone is going to get married the names and date are put on the house and the whole town is invited.