Leaving Cape Town

Well, today ends our 10 day vacation in Cape Town. What an amazing place!! Other than the pickpocketed phone incident, we enjoyed every minute of it. We would recommend this destination to anyone. There are so many attractions, beautiful beaches, great food and great music. It’s a one stop destination – just hang onto your personal belongings!!     Col…

Some interesting aspects of Cape Town.  On many of the streets and especially in the city center you will find quite a few people working the streets.  Some are just there to guide people as they are parking their cars or watching the cars while they are parked.  Other people are acting as street security and they are identified as such.  We had quite of few of these workers on the street where we were staying and I had an interesting encounter with one of the young gentlemen who was acting as a street attendant.  I had taken a walk across the street to pick up a six pack of beer for my wife. (Editor’s and wife’s note – not likely) On the way back to the apartment I gestured to the young worker, pointed at the beer and pointed at him.  With a smile from ear to ear he came over and I handed him a cold one.  He seemed so happy and I have to admit it sure made me feel pretty good also.  There are also a lot of people on the street selling their wares or people just begging, but the interesting thing is that they don’t stand on the side of the street, but right in the middle and the vehicles go around them.  Well as Col said the Cape is an amazing place and I would also highly recommend it as a place to visit.

We will now spend a couple of days in Johannesburg before we head up to Tanzania for a couple of weeks. Looking forward to making more memories in Africa.