So for all you foodies out there (Louise) we present Mama Africa, a place that the locals recommend to go to if you are looking for authentic African fare.  It was our last night in Cape Town and we were really looking forward to this culinary experience.  Well, at least I was.


As per our tradition we started off with a couple of South Africa’s cool ones just to take the edge off.  Col had an African Moonshine while I tried a Bone Crusher.



Next it was time for our Appetisers.  I tried the Bushman’s Catch which is a salad with Kudu meat while Col had Mozambique chicken livers. 


And finally for the main course.  Col went all out and had Chicken.  The poor girl just couldn’t do it.  Her Wileman genes took over and she was not able to try anything exotic.  Very sad I must say…….  I had Mama’s Wild Game Mixed Grill which was a platter consisting of a baked potato along with a generous helping of Crocodile, Ostrich,  Springbok, Kudu, Venison Sausage and Warthog,  It was amazing. 


I didn’t bother to put in a picture of Col’s Chicken.  We have all seen Chicken before.  All in all we had a great evening.   See you in Johannesburg..