Table Mountain

For anyone that has ever read any Wilbur Smith, you will know that Cape of Good Hope and Table Mountain play a role in most of his books. Richard mentioned in his last post that the fort (now called Castle) also played a predominant role in these stories.  Today we climbed Table Mountain. Well, technically we took a cable car to the top but we definitely did some hiking while we were up there.

Now from looking at it from the bottom and from all the pictures that I’ve seen, I expected a barren, flat rock once I got to the top. Au contraire, mes chers. (sorry for the poor French Robin). Though predominately flat, there are many small rock formations that dot the surface. There is also grass, shrubs, reeds, weeds, birds and even a couple of slithery things. (not sure what they were as I didn’t stick around long enough to find out!!) We ended up taking one of the hiking trails that took us around the “back” of the mountain to Maclear’s Beacon. The views were stunning!!

We wound out way back along the “front” which is the view that you see from the bay. This view looks over Capetown towards the waterfront and the beaches. You can see Robben Island from here. (We have a tour there in a few days so will give you the lowdown then). In total, we hiked about 6 miles and spent about three and half hours up there.

Once off the cable car, we loaded back on our HOHO bus (no Santa was not there – HOHO is Hop On-Hop Off). This bus took us around to Camps Bay and all along the beaches towards the V&A Waterfront. Though we have yet to explore this area on foot, our tour guide mentioned that this area was fashioned after San Francisco Wharf and Sydney Harbour (for those of you paying attention – we have been to both of those!!). Can’t wait to spend some time down here!!

We got back to our apartment about 5:30 and though we had grand illusions of showering and heading out for a night on the town, I was asleep on the couch by 7:30. I guess I am still fighting some jet lag. So, here I am at 5 AM, bright eyes and bushy tailed, writing and drinking coffee. Ahh, such is the life of a rockstar!!

Today, we are checking out the church around the corner and maybe spending some time on those beautiful beaches that we saw. And how’s the weather there?!?!?





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Also as promised another South African Beer for your viewing enjoyment.  This was at the Tiger’s Milk Restaurant and it is their own brew.


Not be outdone Col had her Gin and Soda.