Saying Goodbye to New Zealand

Today we get on a plane to Cape Town, South Africa. As excited as I am about going to the mystical land of Africa, I am also heartbroken to say goodbye to New Zealand. I feel that we have only touched the surface of this beautiful country. We loved the beauty of the south with it’s green landscapes and snow covered mountains. We always felt that we were driving through a Lord of the Rings movie set. We loved the hills in Dunedin and the mountains in Te Anau. The drive to Milford Sound almost eclipsed the fjord itself. Such an amazing creation!!


The north is equally as beautiful with rolling hills dotted with sheep and dairy cattle. It is a rare find to drive on a road that is straight for a kilometre or more. Much different than our prairie landscape back home. We spent more time in the north doing activities – ziplining (fabulous), Maori hangi and celebration (fantastic), Hobbiton movie set (magical), the Waitomo Glow Worm caves (beautiful) and the Gondola Skytrain in Rotorua (breathtaking views).

We are so thankful that we have also met so many fabulous people on this portion of our journey. All of our BNB hosts were absolutely amazing in both their hospitality and their graciousness. The people we met on our tours were always so friendly, informative and helpful. It is these people that give one faith that this crazy world is going to be okay after all.

Again, to all our friends back home – we really do miss you and are so glad that you are sharing this blog journey with us. We wish that you could all be here to experience all of these adventures in person. Hopefully, we will inspire each of you to have your own adventure some day.

So, we have a 30 hour flight ahead of us (this is not the fun part of the adventure but rather a necessary evil) and we will see you again in Africa!!



My name is Richard and I approve this message.

6 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to New Zealand

  1. Corinne Pachkowsky

    Im really enjoying your Blog , and I wait patiently for the next You can write a book Colleen , you are such a great writer..well I guess you are writing a book , anyway have a great flight to AFRICA , love you guys miss you guys stay safe .and of course God bless


  2. Su Wood

    Farewell Colleen & Richard. From all of us here in New Zealand, we will miss you 😒. Looking forward to reading about all your adventures to come. I’m so excited for you both πŸ˜†.
    Safe & happy travels ❀


  3. Liz Hodgson

    So very pleased to be a part of your epic journey. You guys are the reason we AirBnB 😍 Loved meeting you and sharing our little slice of paradise with you. We look forward to following your adventures and know our paths will cross again 😁


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