It was a big day for Col and I.  We are huge Lord of the Rings fans  and we had a chance to visit Kaitoke Regional Park,  which is home to where the set of Rivendell was set up.  For those of you who are not fans, Rivendell was home to the Elves.  The park is just a short drive from Wellington which is the capital of New Zealand.  It was raining and I only had my phone to take pictures so they may not be that good.



This next picture is where most of the set was, but as you can see it has been almost completely taken down.  Almost, there is one item left from the set which I will show further down.




The tree mentioned above is the one Below.




The picture above explains the scene when the Fellowship of the Ring leaves Rivendell to begin their quest and the pictures below are of the Arch which is still there.


The End

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