Australia in Retrospect

After 25 days we have left Australia.  We travelled 4 out of 5 states and one territory. We  missed West Australia only because we ran out of time. The word that I would use to desribe this continent would be diversity. From the beautiful beaches on the east coast to desert and red dust in the Outback, to the green hills of Adelaide, and finally the craggy ocean road of the south coast. Even Sydney and Melbourne are completely different – both hip in their own way but decidedly different.


However, as a I have maintained since we have left home, it will be the people that we will remember the most. It is meeting with Norman and Sasha at the airport in Sydney when we first touched down in Australia to Bill and Norma, a Brandon, MB couple that we met in the Melbourne airport while waiting for our flight to New Zealand, and all the ones in between that keep this journey really interesting. We chose to do this journey using BNB’s so that we are always interacting with the people that live their lives in the places that we travel. It is from them that we will get the experiences that we are looking for. We appreciate that you are still reading my daily rants and raves and looking at the pictures and videos. Your comments are always appreciated.  


So, we’re off to New Zealand. Let’s see what kind of trouble we can get into there!!

One thought on “Australia in Retrospect

  1. Kim

    I Love it! We get to travel with you and see a little bit of the world through your eyes. It’s awesome. Hang on to that water bottle Colleen! Stay Safe


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