The Outback – Day Three

First of all – Congratulations to Robin and Garrett on their new little girl born on September 5. We were out of Internet contact for about 36 hours. We knew that Robin was in the hospital but we had no idea what was happening. It was such a relief to finally get to an area with Wi-Fi so that we could find out that Mommy and baby were both doing well!! Again, congrats!! Can’t wait to meet her!!

Day Three started much better than the last two. We were able to finish another major hike  – this time along the rim of King’s Canyon. It was 6 kms of climbing up, down and over rocks. It was well worth the effort. All various views of the canyon were magnificent. Pictures/videos to follow.

We headed off to Ayers Rock/Uluru with a short stop/hike at Kathleen’s Station – an abandoned ranch at the end of the gorge. This was a major cattle station in the area established in the late 1800’s and active until the mid 1970’s.

Richard drove the 300 kms today. He only fell off the pavement a couple of times. He conceded that the roads were much more narrow than Hwy 304!! Regardless, he did a great job and I doubt that I will get a chance behind the wheel until we are heading south again.

We arrived at the Ayers Rock Campground at about 4 PM and decided that we had done enough for one day. We had a drink, made supper and watched the sunset over Uluru. Again, not particularly impressive. The impressive part is that we are really here!! Sometimes I still can’t believe that we are travelling around in a campervan in the middle of Australia!! WOW!!

Tomorrow we head to Uluru to see what the fuss is all about!!


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