Leaving Honolulu

Whew! It looks like we will be getting on the flight to Sydney, Australia! Hurricane Lane is really causing havoc here. And the storm hasn’t even hit yet! As Richard mentioned yesterday, people at the airport were crazy! We were able to get to the airport early enough this morning so we missed the bulk of the crowds. Even so, pretty happy to hear the boarding call for our flight.

We spent about 18 hours in Honolulu – about 6 of them here at the airport. We spent the remaining hours at our Bnb in Ewa Beach. We did some biking, some eating and some relaxing – a typical retirement day.

Our Bnb was lovely. In fact it was so new that it does not yet appear on Google maps. That causes a bit of a concern when calling an Uber or taxi as they run their businesses through Google maps. So after a few anxious moments of wondering if our Uber would find us this morning, he did show up nice and early. He said that he was the only one on the road last night. Even the Uber drivers are hunkered down for the storm!

Well, they are calling our seats now so will conclude this post. See you on Australia!

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