Leaving Maui

With Hurricane Lane bearing down on the Hawaiian Islands people are in a panic. The airport is completely congested and it is really quite comical to watch people as they scurry about. One guy came flying through dragging two big carry on bags knocking everything and everyone in site. The most comical event of all though was Col and I standing in line for half an hour only to discover that our boarding passes were pre-approved. We could have gone directly in. Another lesson learned, check your boarding pass carefully. Aloha….

Trip to Lahaina

Col and I went for a drive to Lahaina which is about forty minutes north of Kihei.  We found the restaurant where we had our Bloody Marys a few years ago.  Not sure what was so great about them back then.  Hmmmm……..  I think I would rather have had a Caesar.   Anyway, after a breakfast of Bloody Marys we took a walk along the pier and ended up going for a ride on a boat that has glass windows that are below the water.  It made for some interesting scenery and we also were able to see quite a few dolphins which apparently is quite rare.  They may have moved closer to the shore due to the hurricane which is scheduled to hit the Hawaiian Islands in the next couple of days.  It might be interesting trying to get to Australia!  One of the pictures I have included is of a Banyan tree that is in Lahaina.  The picture will not do it justice, but it is really quite incredible.  It spreads out to almost half a city block.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0190.JPGDCIM100GOPROGOPR0195.JPG