Day 5 – Final Day in San Francisco

As the title suggests, this is the last day here in the City by the Bay. Though we started out a bit slow, we finally got under way about 11 am. Marie filled us up with another nutritious and delicious breakfast before we headed out. She has certainly set the bar high!!

Our first stop was the Painted Ladies. For those of you that remember, these were the houses that were shown every week on Full House. We sat up the hill in the beautiful park across the street and took a number of pictures. I believe that Richard is adding some video coverage on the blog. He mistakenly calls the park Alamo Park. It is actually called Alamo Square for those perfectionists in the crowd. Though the actual houses were a bit of a disappointment, the park and the surrounding Victorian homes were lovely.

We thought that we would finally cash in on our cable car ride that we missed yesterday. However, when we got to the departure area, the lineup was even longer than the day before!!! So, we just started walking – up the hill in a northerly direction. When we got to the top – many huffs and puffs later – we noticed a sign that said “Chinatown – 2 blocks east”. Hey, that’s where we wanted to go. Now we went all the way down the hill and as promised, there was Chinatown. Lots of markets, lots of people, and no signs in English! We just kept walking and ended up in Little Italy. We knew it existed in the city but did not realize that it was right next door to Chinatown. We found a little outdoor cafe where we had a glass of wine and shared a pizza. Ah, heaven!!

Once done our lunch, we kept on walking – this time north west. We hit Lombard street and started back up the hill. At this point we came across the crooked little street which is literally one zigzag block up the hill. We kept on walking up the hill, taking some pictures along the way. Once we got to the top, we were right at a cable car stop. This time we got lucky and were able to get on a car without waiting for hours in line. That was a hoot – hanging off the cable car like a movie star!!

Once back at the point where we had started only a few hours earlier, we decided that we were done with San Fran and headed back to our temporary home. Laundry and packing and early to bed for an early flight tomorrow.

Off to Hawaii!!!