Day Four



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I know that at some point I will lose track of days but for the time being, I will continue to number them.

Today was a fairly busy day. After a huge breakfast of eggs, ham, yogurt, lovely fresh fruit, croissants and a toasted English muffin (all courtesy of our hostess Marie), we called an Uber and headed back to Fisherman’s Wharf. There we got on a tour bus and headed for Muir Woods. This is a national monument (park) that was set up in the early 1900’s to preserve the Sequoia Redwoods a few miles north of San Francisco. The bus trip itself was great in that we had George, our awesome tour guide fill our heads with many amazing facts about the area and its history. And the park was fantastic!! The trees were so very tall and straight. We walked for about an hour and half, took pictures and videos with our Go Pro and just enjoyed the beautiful day. It was funny in that when we drove across the Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco was cool, rainy and foggy. However, the park was sunny and warm and we found that we were able to take off our jackets and walk in a t-shirt.

Our tour was about four hours and once back at the Wharf we had a bite to eat and then went to check on the sea lions. Staff counted 202 lions today. They were doing pretty much the same as yesterday, playing and sleeping. Quite the life….

Our tour package included an hour cruise around the harbour so because it had cleared up during the latter part of the day, we decided to take the cruise. While waiting for the cruise to begin we met a young lady, Anastasia, from the Ukraine. She had just moved to San Francisco (as in last Friday!!) and has already found two jobs and a place to live. We spoke with her at length and took selfies once on the boat. We left her at the Pier on our return, wishing her the best of luck for her future. I think that she is well on her way!! Oh right, the cruise was good too!!

We bought tickets for a cable car ride but decided that the line was much too long, so called an Uber and came back to the BNB for the evening.  We should be able to use our tickets tomorrow so plan to check out a couple more attractions and then call San Fran a wrap. We fly to Hawaii on Thursday.

As I listen to my hubby snoring softly beside me, I thank God again for all the many blessings in my life. Though I am sure that there will be a few days that will not be nearly as pleasant as this one, I only have to remember that life is a journey and not the destination.

Hope that everyone back home is doing well. We love you and miss you all.